Tuition & Aid

At $390 per credit hour, the most affordable M.A.T. in the area.

Tuition$390 per credit hour

Masters students in education are charged $390 per credit hour.

Because of variations between program tracks, different course loads from semester to semester, and varying rates of student progress through the program, it is difficult to project a consistent annual tuition cost.

However, typical program tracks average 37 credit hours, which, if completed in a single year, would result in a $14,430 annual tuition cost.

Required Fees

  • Technology fee: $430 per year
  • Graduation fee: $200 (one time only)
  • Accident insurance: $128 per year
  • Health & Counseling service fees: $50 per semester or $100 per year


Financial AidOur skills and services you might be interested in

A Randolph College education is one of the best investments you can make, and we work hard to make it affordable.

Graduate students may qualify for federal or state grants, loans, or scholarship options.

To learn more about our financial aid programs, please go to or contact the Financial
Aid office at, 434-947-8128.

Randolph MAT graduates process and receive their stoles during Randolph College's commencement ceremony.